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2.Cultural experiences

   for social projects

We want to keep the arts alive, and we believe in art as a tool to strengthen people’s identity. In a society that lacks cultural stimuli an practices, inspiration may be crucial for the future of a child. We mean to develop and encourage the habit of visiting archives and exhibitions in a ludicrous, committed and interesting way, going beyond basic education to expand the children’s visual and cultural repertoire.

And that is why we support social projects that share the same cause, so that we can have a greater impact among children in a position of social vulnerability.

​​One of our main partners is the Instituto Baccarelli which assists more than 1,000 children in sociocultural programs focused on classical music. Located inside the Heliopolis community, the Instituto shapes values for children and youngsters, such as discipline, respect, creativity and cooperation.

“Art is a tool for social transformation”

Edmilson Venturelli




At Instituto Baccarelli, education is focused on classical music. In parallel, we work with MASP’s universe of classical arts, with great artworks and classical painters, thus exposing 9 and 10 year-old students to another form of expression, and guiding the visit in a way that they manage to connect the dots between these subjects.

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