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2. Cultural experiences

   for social projects

We want to keep art alive and we believe in it as a means of strengthening people's identity. In a society lacking cultural stimuli and practices, inspiration can be decisive in a child's future. We seek to develop and encourage visits to collections and exhibitions in an engaging, interesting and  fun way, going beyond basic education to expand children's visual and cultural repertoire.

And that's why we support social projects that share our cause to achieve a greater impact among children in socially vulnerable situations.

​​One of our main partners is theBaccarelli Institutewhich assists more than 1,000 children in sociocultural programs focused on classical music. Located within the community of Heliópolis, the Institute forms fundamental values for children and young people, such as discipline, respect, creativity and collaboration.

“Art is a tool for
social transformation.”

Edmilson Venturelli




Training at Instituto Baccarelli is centered on classical music. We work with the universe of classical arts at Masp, with great works and painters, thus exposing students aged 9 to 10 to another form of expression and guiding the visit so that they make connections between disciplines.

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