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were enraptured by the exhibition “Egito Antigo na cidade do sol”

Conceived and carried out by Inspirar-te in a great social impact initiative linked to art education, after 4 months of intense work the exhibition “Egito Antigo na cidade do sol” came to an end on September 6th.


Endorsed by the Egyptian Museum in Turin, Italy, in the formation and content of the educational material and by the Dutch curator and historian Pieter Tjabbes, Inspirar-te was chosen to receive the donation of dozens of didactic works that made up the award-winning exhibition “Ancient Egypt: From Everyday Life to Eternity” that roamed Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB) between 2019 and 2021.


The Egyptian Museum in Turin has the second largest collection of artifacts from Ancient Egypt in the world.


Two relevant Brazilian museums also supported the initiative: The Egyptian art collection of the São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP), and the Museum of Archeology and Ethnology of the University of São Paulo (MAE-USP), São Paulo, were part of the exhibition with Egyptian works exhibited for the first time in photographic records, in addition to institutional support from Itaú Cultural, a significant institution in the art world.


Life, religiosity, and the after-death civilization that was concentrated along the lower course of the Nile River (North Africa), from 4000 BC. to 30 BC, composed the exhibition “Egito Antigo na cidade do sol”.


An important educational group in the country, Escola Concept was the master sponsor of this initiative, reflecting its desire to transform society through art, and reaffirming its role in promoting wide and quality cultural access for all.


In this pedagogical context, the public received guided tours and activities developed by the Inspirar-te team aligned with an educational, playful and sensorial proposal, for both children and young people, as well as for adults.


The exhibition was an absolute success among the public, at both Instituto Baccarelli and Escola Concept, venues for the initiative, impacting around 15,000 people in total, including spontaneous public, municipal schools, state schools, private schools and NGOs.


The idea of carrying out the initiative both in Heliópolis and Jardins, came from the unique methodology we developed to enable social transformation through art: All the activities of the non-profit association Inspirar-te are destined for children in a position of social vulnerability, in a one-to-one relationship, which means that for each child from a private school that is impacted by Inspirar-te, one child from a public school is also benefited with the same cultural experience and through the funding of sociocultural programs in communities.


It was following this same logic, now on a different scale, that we were able to conceive the exhibition as widely and inclusively as possible. Our objective is, through this one-to-one relationship, to decentralize art and democratize its access, so that the same exhibition could be held both in the central region of the city and in the outskirts.


The name of the exhibition, which translates to “Ancient Egypt in the city of the sun”, was a tribute to the community of Heliopolis, the Greek name for the ancient Egyptian city Iunu, one of the oldest religious centers in the land of the pharaohs dedicated to the cult of the sun god Ra.


Thereby, together, we take the role of leading social transformation through important and expressive exhibitions with didactic works from national and international museums.


By idealizing this initiative, the non-profit association Inspirar-te celebrates seven years of intense work through the transforming power of culture with Instituto Baccarelli, in the community of Heliópolis, and with the main Private and Public Schools in São Paulo.


All this because art transforms, and we see it daily.

Priscilla Benvenuti Parodi - Founder President of Associação Inspirar-te

Texto Exposicão Egito

I loved (Instituto) Baccarelli's initiative to bring a little bit of Ancient Egypt to the community. Everything is organized, with attentive and well-informed people. A wonderful exhibition, with interactive areas, tombs that we can enter. Another part my daughter loved was the excavation. Congratulations, it was great.



Mayra Berger

  • The girl's dream: Once upon a time, there was a girl who was studying about Egypt  in school. She started studying at home and discovered that Egypt is interesting because it has several kings. After studying a lot, her dream is to visit Egypt.



Escola Concept - Student - Grade 1

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