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Art amplifies our repertoire, stimulates critical thinking, and puts us in touch with diversity. With this in mind, driven by restlessness, Inspirar-te has become the necessary bridge between schools and cultural institutions.




We believe in art as a tool of social transformation, and we are here to promote the connection between art and education, thus expanding the way children see others and build their world. Our business is to teach, sensitize and amuse.

Art has the potential to play a decisive role in child development, promoting essential values like diversity and empathy, besides boosting creativity and critical thinking.


We founded Inspirar-te to turn art into a possible, charming path, and use this tool to enrich individuals and the community as a whole. We also intend to promote access to art, paving the way for the construction of new cultural habits since childhood.




100% of the profit with Inspirar-te’s activities goes to children in a position of social vulnerability so that they can visit museums and have access to the same cultural experiences as others. For us, there is no distinction between these children, and this is our way to contribute to a fairer, more inclusive society.

In order to construct this worldview, we offer cultural experiences for children in:




Inspirar-te is extremely useful and the social benefit which you deliver is very admirable indeed. Thank you all for this detailed feedback on the benefits of the project which we joined forces on. From our point of view, it was extremely beneficial to our pupils as well and we certainly look forward to further collaborations next year. We are also really proud to be associated with this initiative.”

Siobhain Allum, Head of Prep School, St Paul’s School São Paulo

“All trips were very well organized and thoughtfully planned to cater for the different age groups and to make connections with their topic learning back in the classroom. The children were inquisitive and became deeply involved in the interactive activities based on the paintings. the children all made comments about how much fun it was and many said they were going to get their parents to take them back. In my experience it was the best trip I have been on taking children to museums because of the preparation done before hand by Inspirar-te."

Lisa Blackaby, Arts Teacher, St Paul’s School


“It would be wonderful to promote partnerships with such a great project like Inspirar-te.”
Magnolia Costa, Public Relations, MAM

“Projects like Inspirar-te are relevant for the society, given that they work as a complement to school, as a non-formal means of education, in an extremely effective way, with an exchange of new worlds, and an expansion of cultural and thematic horizons.”
Guilherme Pacheco, Coordinator of the Educational Hub, MIS

“Visiting the Baccarelli Institute and working with young people was one of the most inspiring experiences of my life. Their concentration, commitment, passion, and determination were incomparable. These musicians reminded me that music is truly enriching for life and surpasses all barriers - social, geographical and linguistic. I'm so glad I had the chance to meet these young musicians and share my love of music with them. It was a real honor.”

Nicole Wilson - principal violinist - Royal Academy of Music

Statement given after the visit carried out by Inspirar-te that promoted the exchange between Instituto Baccarelli and the Royal Academy of Music, a renowned London-based institution focused on classical music education.

"Spending time at the Instituto Baccarelli was both inspirational and humbling. The quality and caliber of the music and teaching was incredibly high and impressive. Despite extraordinarily challenging circumstances around the Instituto, you are immediately struck by the warm and supportive atmosphere all around the buildings. The work that the Inspirar-te Project do to support the work of the Baccarelli is first-class. I very much hope to continue being connected with both the project and the Baccarelli."

Howard Ionascu, Director of Junior Academy - Royal Academy of Music

Statement given after the visit carried out by Inspirar-te that promoted the exchange between Instituto Baccarelli and the Royal Academy of Music, a renowned London-based institution focused on classical music education.

"Art, for me, is everything that pervades life and enables the evolution of humanity. Art

is a tool for social transformation. The synergy between Instituto Baccarelli and Inspirar-te will be fundamental for us to expand these youngsters’ line of sight even further."

Edmilson Venturelli, Director of Institutional Relations at Instituto Baccarelli


“I have always taken my children to the museum, but it is essential for the school to take them as well and, most importantly, build a bridge between art and the concepts they are learning in school. My son loved it. He was super excited when he got back home.”
Monize Vasques, mother of a 7 year-old

“This initiative is truly amazing, to get children out of the classroom and experience art! They are able to explore their five senses while gathering culture and knowledge. This way, they will never forget what they have learned.”
Priscila Cunningham, mother of a 9 year-old student

“I fell in love with Inspirar-te’s experience from the very beginning! Since then, I have been following the initiative, and have come to admire it even more. Congratulations on the sensitivity, seriousness and consistency of the work. My daughter had the opportunity to go to Pinacoteca with you, and from what I have gathered at home, it was a rich, well-developed experience. It wasn’t just a regular visit to a museum.”

Heloisa Whately, mother of a 9 year-old student

“I was amazed at the idea of taking children to an exhibition and working on the themes that are being discussed in school. My daughters are in different classes, and each came home with their own accounts! They were very enthusiastic and happy about their trip! Now they want to go back! Congratulations to the organizers on this incredible experience!”

Roberta Guimarães, mother of a 9 year-old and an 11 year-old


“I loved the Pinacoteca! The place was cool, and now I want to see more stuff over there.”

Gabriela, 8 years-old, St Paul’s School

“I liked it because the museum was very big, and the educators were fun. My favorite part was when we had to make a fabric sculpture to form a person.”
Helena, 9 years-old, St Paul’s School

“I enjoyed painting in Oca along with other children because it’s fun. The artwork I enjoyed the most was Jesus Rafael Soto’s Virtual Cube, because it reminded me of a Rubik’s Cube, when you look at it from every angle. It was a new experience for me, and I want more of it.”

Anne, 8 years-old, St Paul’s School



Priscilla Parodi

Volunteer Founder and Executive Director


Gabriela Affonso Ferreira




Aline Sun

Volunteer Financial Committee Director

Leonardo Lubatsch

Art-Education and Art-Educator Supervisor


Juliana Galvão

Secretary's Office


Alice Benvenuti 

Movie Intern

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Isabela Brito

Art and Education


WhatsApp Image 2019-10-20 at

Adele Abdalla

International Strategic Business Voluntary

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Camila Tafarello



Ariadne Oliveira

Volunteer Strategic Affairs

Senior Vice President Global Wella Professionals at Wella Company

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